Lauren’s Wedding

It seemed as if by fate that Lauren and I were destined to meet.
After a failed hair and makeup trial at a salon and her wedding quickly approaching, Lauren was still searching for her hair and makeup artist. Her mother and her took to department stores in hopes of finding someone behind one of the cosmetics counters who would be able to do her makeup for her big day; lucky for me, she was given my name.

We quickly booked a trial and I drove to her parents lovely home; where Lauren still lived. (Something about couples keeping it “old-school” until they get married warms my heart. There is something so romantic, almost fairytale, about waiting to be with the one you love until you marry.) I was greeted with warm smiles by Lauren and her mother and I must say, I have never felt so comfortable in a stranger’s home as I did that day. After introductions and “hello’s”, we got down to business. Lauren described to me what she wanted and what she didn’t want.

“When they did my makeup and hair at the salon, I didn’t feel like me,” she confided.

I was determined to make sure she didn’t feel that way again. And she didn’t!

The morning of her wedding Lauren was calm as could be; a blessing to a makeup artist. The perfect balance of work getting done and laughter and fun was had. I left her home that day feeling like I hadn’t only worked a job but had celebrated her wedding morning with her. 

lauren and bridesmaids 1

lauren and bridesmaids 2Lauren and Sister

lauren and husband

>>Photos by Michael Benson<<

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