Modern 60’s Siren

Between Adele’s new top hit song, resulting in her perfectly made-up 60’s styled face being plastered everywhere and my infatuation with women like Brigitte Bardot and Lana Del Ray, it was only a matter of time before I HAD to recreate my own 1960’s look.

While I am a fan of over the top bouffants and thick winged liner, for the average person, it would be too much. So, I created a wearable look that most everyone can wear and achieve on their own!

This look is all about matte skin, winged liner, and nude lips! And once you have perfected the art of winged liner (it takes practice!), you will find that this look is actually very easy to achieve! Let’s get to it:

(All product details will be listed at the bottom of this post.)

For this look, I actually started by applying my foundation and powders first (gasp!). However, if you are new to applying makeup, my rule of thumb is always apply your eye makeup first. This will prevent you from ruining your foundation and concealer if you make any mistakes.

1. Apply your foundation, concealer, powder, blush, etc. (To watch how to apply your foundation, concealer, etc. click here.) To give skin a matte appearance, press powder onto your face with a makeup brush or disposable powder puff. This is not recommended for individuals with dry skin! If you have dry skin, be light handed with powder and make sure to apply a moisturizer to a clean face before applying your makeup. Naturally your skin is already “matte” and adding too much powder will highlight any dry patches and fine lines.

2. Blend a matte, light brown eyeshadow into your crease (the area between your eyelid and brown bone that naturally indents when your eyes are open) with a blending brush. Repeat with a matte, medium brown eyeshadow. You cannot over blend! The longer you take with this step, the better it will look.

3. To create a very soft “cut-crease”, apply a cream or ivory, matte eyeshadow to your eyelid and do not blend it into the brown shadows you have applied. Instead, use the ivory shadow to clean up any brown eyeshadow that may have fallen onto your eyelid. Also apply this eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye to open up the eyes.

4. Create your wing! Note: Take some time to practice your technique before you apply your eyeshadow/attempt this makeup looks. This way, if you “mess up” your winged liner you won’t have to worry about ruining your eyeshadow and have to start over.

Using a black gel liner and an angled eyeliner brush (this is easiest for beginners to use) or a black liquid liner of your choice, draw a line starting from outer corner of your eye out to the tail of your eyebrow – the longer you draw this line, the more dramatic and thick your wing will be. Then, trace along your upper lashline, creating the thickness you desire. Connect the wing you created, to the line you drew on your lashline and then fill in the wing. Clean up and sharpen the wing with some concealer, if necessary. To darken the wing, I traced over the gel liner with a black eyeliner pen.

5. Line your bottom lashline with the same medium brown eyeshadow and then blend it out with a pencil brush or q-tip with the same light brown eyeshadow, only blending 3/4 of the way in. This will open up and define the eyes without creating a harsh line (which makes the eye appear smaller) that is common when using pencil eyeliners. 

6. To open up the eyes even more and give a “doe-eyed”effect, apply a nude or white eyeliner to the water line of the eyelid. The water line is the small strip of skin in between the lower lashes and the eyeball. Do not apply the eyeliner to the tear duct (close to the inner corner of the eye where tears come out)! This could clog the tear duct and cause infection! Make sure your eyeliner pencil is clean and sanitary. To be safe, sharpen your eyeliner between every use and spritz the eyeliner with isopropyl alcohol and then rub it down with a clean tissue.

6. Curl and coat your lashes with mascara. The more coats the better! Full lashes (top and bottom) are key to creating this 60’s look. *Apply false eyelashes if you desire. Trust me, it’ll kick it up a notch!

7. Line lips with a nude lip liner, also making sure to fill in the whole lip with the lip liner. Using a lip liner will make your lips appear more even and fuller. Then, apply a pinky-nude lipstick and gloss. If you have deeper skin, use a nude lipstick, liner, and gloss with a touch more brown in it. Most everyone should stay away from a nude lipstick that is too brown or beige. It will wash you out and make you look dated.

8. To complete the look, give your hair a curl and tease it at the crown. Bobby pin the front two sections of your hair, for a 60’s half-up, half- down look.



image3 (4)

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Dermablend Loose Translucent Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
Clinique Peach Pop Blush
TheBalm “Marylouminizer” Highlighter

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in “Medium Brown” and Clear Brow Gel

Lid & Inner Corner – Too Faced “White Chocolate” shadow
Crease- MAC “Wedge” and “Saddle
Clinique “01 Black” Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen
Maybelline “Blackest Black” Gel Liner
KIKO Daily Extensions Mascara
KISS “11” Lashes
Water Line – Malani Eyes & Brows Nude Pencil

Clinique Lip Liner in “Neutrally”
Mixture of MAC Matte Lipstick in “Kinda Sexy” and Creme Sheen Lipstick in “Japanese Maple”
Revlon Lip Gloss in “Bellini”

Forever 21

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