Warm Winter Makeup

Well, it happend! It finally got cold here in Connecticut.

With the cold, comes wonderful things like snow and cozy sweaters…What also accompanies the cold is chapped, dry, pale winter skin. Not one of the better aspects of this time of year.

Slathering on a heavy moisturizer and exfoliating your skin is a must for this time of year but you don’t just want to prevent flaky skin, you want to glow! – Just like your skin did in the summer! At least I want mine to.

I have devised a quick fix to your dull skin despair by creating a makeup look using warm, shimmery golds and hydrating makeup options to ensure that you are glowing all year ’round!

(All products used will be listed at the bottom of this post.)

Lets’s get into it!

  1. Start with clean, moisturized skin. If you have dry skin and are prone to flaking, exfoliate your skin with your favorite exfoliator (mine is sugar!) the night before.
  2. Apply a moisturizing primer – one that has a built in illuminator is best to give radiance and a “glow” to your skin. For my oily girls (or guys) out there, apply a matifying primer to the areas of your face that are prone to getting oily (usually the t-zone area) and apply an illuminating primer to the rest of your face.
  3. Apply your foundation and concealer with a foundation brush or beauty sponge. (I use a beauty blender!) Note: Foundation with a yellow undertone (BUT NOT ORANGE) will add warmth to your skin.
  4. Apply a cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend upward to you temples using a beauty sponge or your fingers. A cream blush will add extra hydration and will melt seemlessly into your skin, giving you a natural flush and a glow from within. Tip: Blending blush up towards your temples will give the illusion of a mini facelift.
  5.  Dust a small amount of translucent powder all over your face. You will not need much! 
  6. Apply bronzer to the perimeter of your face. This is an important step to warming up your face! This includes the top of the forehead, the sides of the face, and the jawline.
  7. Optional: Set cream blush with a matching powder blush. This is a good step for those who are prone to oily skin.
  8. Apply a soft, peachy eyeshadow to the crease of your eye. Blend a soft, brown eyeshadow over the peachy eyeshadow to add demension to your eye.
  9. Apply a gold eyeshadow to your eyelid.
  10. Apply a reddish, brown shadow to the outer corner of your eyelid and into the crease. Tip: When selecting eyeshadows for this makeup look, warm colors will work best (i.e. eyeshadows with red, orange, or gold undertones.)
  11. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
  12. Optional: Apply false eyelashes
  13. Line your lower lash-line with the same reddish, brown eyeshadow and blend the soft brown eyeshadow and peachy eyeshadow on top of it. You can use a pencil brush or a q-tip.
  14. Apply mascara to your lower lashes.
  15. Important step: Apply a
    shimmery, champagne colored highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones, the sides of your forehead, the bridge of your nose – anywhere you want to glow! A little bit goes a long way. Be careful not to over-do it.
  16. Line your lips with a nude lip liner and apply a hydrating pinky, nude lipstick or lip gloss with flecks of gold in it. Again, it will add warmth to your face.

    Happy Glowing!

    Product Details:
    image3 (5)

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Dermablend Loose Translucent Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (for bronzer)
Maybelline Master Glaze Cream Blush in “Nude Rebellion”
MAC Mineralize Blush in “Warm Soul”
TheBalm “Marylouminizer” Highlighter

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel
Dark Brown Eyeshadow from the MAC Warm Neutrals Palette

Lid- “Creme Brulee” from the TooFaced Chocolate Bar Palette
Crease- MAC “Wedge” and KIKO Infinity Shadow “204”
Outer Corner – MAC “Saddle”
Inner Corner – The Balm “Marylouminzer” Highlighter
KIKO Daily Extensions Mascara
KISS “11” Lashes
Water Line – Malani Eyes & Brows Nude Pencil

KIKO Precision Lip Pencil “302”
Chanel Lip Gloss in “Unity”

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