Teal Smokey Eye With a Twist

Learn how to create this teal smokey eye with an orange glitter twist for yourself! (Products used will be listed at the bottom of this post!)

Hi everyone! This look is all about color and fun! Blending and patience will be super important in creating this teal smokey eye. So take your time! Keep all of the blue shadows low on your eye. If you bring these blue and teal shadows to high above your crease, you may look like like you have a black eye! – Not the best look…unless that’s what your were going for 😉 Apply a little bit of eyeshadow at a time. Remember – It’s always easier to add more than to take away. Let’s get started!

  1. Apply an eye shadow primer to your eyelids.
  2. Apply a matte, light orange or peach eye shadow to your crease.
  3. Then, apply a matte, medium red-brown eye shadow to your outer corner and crease.
  4. Next, apply a matte, darker red-brown eye shadow to your outer corner and crease to add depth.
  5. Apply a dark blue eyeshadow to your outer corner and just above your inner corner, leaving the middle of your eyelid blank.
  6. Apply a light teal eye shadow to the center of your lid (the space that you left blank in step number 5.)
  7. Apply a very dark, shimmery green-blue shadow or loose pigment onto your outer corner and just about your inner corner.
  8. Apply a shimmery light teal eye shadow or loose pigment to the center of your eyelid.
  9. Make sure your shadows blend seemlessly and that the center of your eyelids is a bright pop of color.
  10. Apply a shimmery white eye shadow to the very center of your eyelids to give the light teal color even more of a pop.
  11. Create a wing using your favorite black liquid or gel eyeliner.
  12. Curl and coat your lashes with mascara. *Optional: Apply false eyelashes.
  13. Line your waterline with black eyeliner. (For a less intense look, you can skip this step.)
  14. Apply the same very dark, green-blue eyeshadow to the outer and inner parts of your lower lash line – leaving the center of your lash line blank.
  15. Apply the same light teal eye shadow to the center of your lower lash line.
  16. Blend your medium red-brown eyeshadow and light orange eye shadow underneath the dark green-blue and light teal eye shadow.
  17. Apply a light, shimmery champagne eyeshadow to your inner corners – you can stop at this step and have a finished look…OR…
  18. Apply a glitter primer on your inner corners and pack on some orange glitter. (Or whatever color you like!)

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Product Details

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation
Makeup Forever Camouflage Concealer Palette (using the lightest shade)
Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (for bronzer)
KIKO Tri-Bal Bake Blush in Deluxe Coral
The Balm “Mary-Lou Minizer Highlighter
Makeup Forever Step-1 Smoothing Primer

MAC Dark Brown Eyeshadow from the Warm Neutrals Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

Crease/Inner Corner: (KIKO- Infinity 702), (MAC- “Saddle”), (Too Faced- “Semi-sweet”)
Outer Corner: (MAC- “Fresh Water” & Dark Blue-Green Pigment) & (Too Faced- “Triple Fudge”)
Lid: (MAC- “Aquadisiac” and Teal Pigment) & (Morphe 35E Palette- First row, first shade)
Brow Highlight: MAC “Shroom”
Inner Corner: (Morphe 35E Palette- First row, sixth shade) & Orange glitter
Sephora Brand Glitter Primer

KIKO Precision Lip Pencil #302
Melt Cosmetics Lipstick “Bang Bang”
KIKO Instant Volume Lipgloss #15

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