My Makeup Brush Must-Haves For Beginners

Many of you have requested that I write a post on which makeup brushes to buy and use! If I listed every single makeup brush I love and use, we would be here a very long time. So, in the interest of keeping things short and sweet, here are a few of my must-have makeup brushes and tools that I use every time I apply my makeup and how to use them! (All products used will be listed at the bottom of this post.)
Let me start by saying, that you do not need to spend heaps of money to buy a decent makeup brush. A lot of the brushes I use everyday I picked up from the drugstore and use when create looks for my blog – some of these brushes are only $3!

1. A Flat Top Kabuki Brush for Foundation:
image4 (4)
One of my favorite brushes to apply my foundation! Pump your foundation onto the back of your hand, dot your foundation all over your face, and then buff it out in circular motions with your kabuki brush.

2. A Beauty Blender for Concealer:
image1 (10) copyNothing blends out my concealer more flawlessly than using my Original Beauty Blender! The damper the sponge, the better! Apply your concealer in a triangular shape with your fingers or the concealer bottle applicator and then blend it out in patting motions, back and forth, with your very damp Beauty Blender. The damp sponge soaks up any residual concealer to prevent anything from sinking into fine lines or wrinkles.

3. An Angled Brush for the Perfect Contour:image2 (4)I’ve found that an angled brush works best for me when I am trying to chisel my cheekbones. Dip this brush in your favorite bronzer and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks.

4. A Small Angled Brush to Fill in Your Eyebrows and Apply Eyeliner:
image3 (7)This little angled brush is perfect for filling in your eyebrows or creating sharp winged eyeliner.

5. Flat Top Brush for Packing On Eyeshadow:image4 (4) copy 2While I am all about using my fingers to apply makeup, especially eyeshadow, sometimes I can’t blend my shadows completely without an eyeshadow brush. This is where this little guy comes in handy!

6. A Domed Blending Brush for Eyeshadow:
image2 (4) copy 2
BUY ONE OF THESE BRUSHES. If you only choose one eyeshadow brush to purchase, make it this one! This little baby is what makes the eyeshadow magic happen. When used correctly, applying eyeshadow with this brush makes your eyes appear wider and more awake. Swirl this brush in a matte, light brown eyeshadow and dust it into your crease using back and forth motions to subtly define and open up your eyes!

7. A Pencil Brush to Apply Eyeliner:image4 (4) copyApplying a pencil eyeliner to your lower lash line can look extremely harsh and actually make your eyes appear smaller – Enter the pencil brush! Dip this brush in a matte, light to medium brown  eyeshadow and blend this back and forth on your lower lash line to create liner or soften pencil liner by buffing it out with your brush.

8. An Eyelash Curler:
image3 (7) copy 3
I know it looks scary. I know. But if you can get past your fear and practice using this little baby you will be so grateful you did! Nothing can instantly make you look more awake and open up your eyes like curling your lashes! Your mascara will look better and your eyelashes will look longer! This is a step in your beauty routine that you don’t want to skip.

THANK YOU FOR READING! 🙂 This post was written because some of you out there asked! If you would like to see a specific tutorial please comment below or on my Instagram account! (@rachel_toussaint) Nothing makes me happier than hearing your feedback!

Processed with VSCOcam with j3 preset


Flat Top Kabuki Brush: E.L.F. (Target)
Beauty Sponge: The Original Beauty Blender (Sephora)
Angled Brush: Generic 32 PCS Makeup Brush Set (Amazon)
Small Angled Brush: Sephora Pro Angled Brush (Sephora)
Flat Top Eyeshadow Brush:Generic 32 PCS Makeup Brush Set (Amazon)
Domed Blending Brush: MAC 286 (MAC Cosmetics)
Pencil Brush: MAC 219 (MAC Cosmetics)
Eyelash Curler: Revlon (CVS)

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Electric Pink”



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  1. beautifulbedlamblog

    Great post! Do you have a favorite brand of brushes? I’m always keen for recommendations 🙂 x

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