Get Fuller Lips – No lip filler needed!


This KIKO lip liner and Lorac lip gloss have been the latest lip products that I can’t get enough of lately! I wear this combo in practically all of my Instagram photos and day-to-day. I probably should switch up my lip color more often but I can’t help it. I’m obsessed! These products used together make my lips look so full!

The lip pencil is a darker nude shade which I used to over line my top lip (just a little) and to add shape and dimension all around the perimeter of my lips to give the illusion of fuller, symmetrical lips. I then top off the liner with a pink gloss which gives my lips color and shine. Glosses are always a good choice when trying to make your lips appear bigger. This lip gloss is so pigmented that I don’t have to worry about applying a lipstick beforehand. The gloss gives me all the color I need!

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❤ Rachel

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KIKO Milano Precision Lip Pencil #302

Lorac Alter Ego Lip Gloss in ‘Supermodel’

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