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Step-by-step Warm Winter Pink Makeup Tutorial

The color pink and winter makeup looks aren’t commonly paired together but I have been a little over exposed to rich, dark burgundy and gold makeup looks this season. They say you should do the things that bring your joy, right? – especially when it’s moody and gray outside a lot of the time. Well, creating this out of season makeup look brought me joy. I hope recreating this tutorial does the same for some of you!

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Bridal Hair and Makeup for Alyssa’s Beachside Wedding in New Haven, CT

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Hair and Makeup for Hayley’s classic New England Wedding in Woodbury, CT

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Look Awake, Even When You’re Not Feeling Great – Makeup Tutorial

Learn how to look great, even when you don’t feel great! We’ve all been there – you were out late, you are under the weather, you didn’t get enough sleep, but you have to look pulled together despite your puffy eyes and your pounding head.
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Warm Winter Makeup

Well, it happend! It finally got cold here in Connecticut.

With the cold, comes wonderful things like snow and cozy sweaters…What also accompanies the cold is chapped, dry, pale winter skin. Not one of the better aspects of this time of year.

Slathering on a heavy moisturizer and exfoliating your skin is a must for this time of year but you don’t just want to prevent flaky skin, you want to glow! – Just like your skin did in the summer! At least I want mine to.

I have devised a quick fix to your dull skin despair by creating a makeup look using warm, shimmery golds and hydrating makeup options to ensure that you are glowing all year ’round!

(All products used will be listed at the bottom of this post.)
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“Effortless” Makeup Tutorial

Ever see “that girl?” You know the one. She looks gorgeous and it doesn’t even look like she tried? I am here to show you how to look effortlessly beautiful and enhance your features without appearing to be wearing a ton of makeup! Next time, you will be “that girl”! Click below to watch!!!