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Step-by-step Daytime Smokey Eye Tutorial

Learn how to recreate this easy (and daytime appropriate) smokey eye & scroll down to see all of the makeup products I used to create this look!
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Warm Winter Makeup

Well, it happend! It finally got cold here in Connecticut.

With the cold, comes wonderful things like snow and cozy sweaters…What also accompanies the cold is chapped, dry, pale winter skin. Not one of the better aspects of this time of year.

Slathering on a heavy moisturizer and exfoliating your skin is a must for this time of year but you don’t just want to prevent flaky skin, you want to glow! – Just like your skin did in the summer! At least I want mine to.

I have devised a quick fix to your dull skin despair by creating a makeup look using warm, shimmery golds and hydrating makeup options to ensure that you are glowing all year ’round!

(All products used will be listed at the bottom of this post.)
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